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Shed to lounge

Hi, I am trying to turn my shed into a lounge but I am having trouble with doing it alone. I have already installed tarpaulin as doors for it but I am having a hard time anchoring it because the wind is not cooperating with me. I think I may have messed up too because when I was looking at itread more ...

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I need help wiring my skyartec wasp x3 recever to my f450 quadcopterread more ...

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Lets create a story

Lets create some fun story together. Some starts and we will continue. I hope this will be funread more ...

Pay It Forward?

Our whole team is big on DIY projects, we like doing stuff with our brains and hands. But sometimes you need help with something you've never done before or just want feedback.

We believe in helping people without asking for anything in return. This site is not a charity and is not designed to ask for money or fund something... We are here to share our skills and time